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Bursary Basic

The Bursary Basic Plan gives schools access to create and store records accessible through any device. The Basic Plan includes features virtual business collection account, Dedicated virtual student remittance account, invoice issuing, tuition payments, auto accounting, analytics, newsletters. Parent/Guardians can access the bursary portal through the Bursary app available on iOS and Google Play stores or the Bursary web portal.


Per Record/ Month


Accounting, Recording & Invoice

One wallet multiple possibilities.

One centralized wallet for all your student's tuition. Auto payments on schedule


parents want to pay digitally, from their homes or workplace


parents will like the flexibility to pay for school bills later in some month


users are motivated with rewards and incentives while making purchases

Tuition Collection Simplified

Go paperless on invoicing, and reduce overhead cost on account reconciliation. Categorize and holistically view inflows and automated settlements. You will never miss anything ever again.


Debt Tracking and Forecast

Track all invoice activities, view pending, successful, and overdue payments. Access debt projections and behavioral analytics

National Student Unified Identifier Record API

Unified data for all Basic- Senior Secondary schools under WAEC in West Africa and other regions. It’s easy to use. No technical experience required.

Coming Soon


One dashboard for Collaborative teams

Assign roles and permissions to team mates across departments. Get real-time updates on teammate tasks.

Create, Manage and Automate Records

A centralized database for pupils/student personal information, payment history and outstanding.


One dashboard, eagle eye access.

Access everything concerning your child. From financial reporting, educational grades, and attendance, to performance, and other activities

Auto Reporting

No more stress and human errors. Enter the score and generate a broadsheet and report card.



Computer Based Test, auto scoring and auto computing. Take student tests anywhere with or without internet access.

The One tool to Manage them all

Administrative and Management all in one place- from examination records to report sheets, individual attendance records, payroll, scheduling and communication; you will never miss a thing.


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